Sync Project Announces New Investors

We haven’t written before on our blog about how Sync Project is funded. Today we’d like to share some of the extraordinary people and funds that have recently invested in the company. 

Developing music as precision medicine requires the right mix of people and funding that bridge consumer technology, music, and biotech. Our investors, advisors, and team are just such a mix. With the support of our investors, Sync Project is accelerating the development and validation of generative music for health. 

To date, Sync Project has raised $5 million in financing from investors , Greylock Partners (via Discovery Fund), , , Digital Garage, and PureTech Health

Reid, partner at Greylock Partners and founder of LinkedIn said about the investment: “We are excited about the Sync Project team and how they are using artificial intelligence to create a new kind of personalized music that responds to your physiology to improve health.” 

And for our part we’re excited about our team of new investors! Thank you Reid, Esther, David and the teams at Greylock Partners and Digital Garage for joining our mission to develop music as medicine. 

You can read the full release here: Sync Project Announces New Investors & Accelerates Development of Personalized Music Health Platform

Marko and the Sync Project team