Sync Project joins Bose

We’re very pleased to announce that Sync Project has been acquired by Bose Corporation. We are excited to continue our mission as part of an innovative group that is passionate about improving the lives of people with the power of personalized audio. 

Body in Tune: Music and the Immune System

Stress is everywhere. From paying bills on time to meeting important deadlines at work - acceptable stress levels motivate you to get tasks done. But too much stress - and for too long - can lead to detrimental health effects, both mental and physical. In this post, we'll explore the effect of stress on the immune system and how music can reduce the impact of unhealthy stress on the immune system.

Sleep of Ages: the past, present and future of music for sleep

From ancient ragas to "Weightless", the art of making music for sleep is an age-old practice. Renewed interest in live "sleep-ins", and an advance in research and technology that can help us understand what effect the music is having on the body, is helping musicians dream of a perfected soundtrack for sleep.

Powering Your Next Study Session with Music

An unavoidable part of going to school is studying for test or spending long hours cranking out assignments. Music is common tool that millions of students rely on to focus on their work and reduce distractions. Whether you're a studying pro or a beginner, this post goes over some tips to maximize your study session and what to consider when looking for that perfect track to study to

Music and Sleep: Perfecting the Lullaby, For Children and Adults

The concept of specific songs or genres for sleep are not only practical for parents and newborns, but also for adults without children. We explore what makes the perfect lullaby, and how these concepts apply to helping people of all ages have a better night's rest, with some musical accompaniment.

Music, Health & AI: Making with Marconi Union

Music, Health & AI: Making with Marconi Union

Hear our exclusive interview with Richard Talbot and Duncan Meadows of Marconi Union from the critically-acclaimed Marconi Union, about the creative process behind “Adrift”, the first composition available through , and their views on modern music technology, artificial intelligence and generative approaches to music for health.

Music, AI and Health: What is Music Information Retrieval?

The process of making and listening to music today looks very different than it did 20, or even 10 years ago. In this post, we delve into music information retrieval, a branch of data science that has the potential to integrate innovations in music production and listening technology to help us understand what makes some music powerful enough to support health and wellness in several key areas. 

5 Simple Ways You Can Use Music to Improve Your Health

Music is used to influence emotional, behavioral and physiological health in clinical medicine and everyday life. It’s no secret that music is good for you, and can help promote a healthy lifestyle. Here are 5 easy ways to use music to improve your health

Sync Project at Sonar +D, Open Music

Sync Project participates in Sonar+D conference, and Open Music Summer Lab to spread awareness on the potential and development of music as precision medicine, here at Sync Project.

Making Music with AI: An Introduction

Making Music with AI: An Introduction

What's powering the products at Sync Project? We take a look in this post, the first of a series, at how artificial intelligence is being used to both understand and generate music in new, powerful ways. Learn why researchers and companies all over the world are turning their attention to music and AI.

Sync Music Bot: We've Added New Features

Sync Music Bot has made more than 40,000 sets of music for you to focus to. We've paid attention to your feedback to make improvements and even added some new features! Read this blog post for more information on our latest release