Music and Language

We have examined the possible evolutionary role of music before, and even posited it's similarity to other forms of communication such as speech before, but what do we know about the way music and language interact in the brain? Can music help us express ourselves (or recover lost abilities) using language? Are musicians better foreign language speakers? This post surveys current research into music and language and where there more exciting work to be done to understand this complex and illuminating interaction in the brain.

It's Time We Talk About Music Therapy

Research on music therapy and the mechanisms behind its effects show that it offers an effective way to complement traditional treatment of even severe conditions such as autism, Parkinson’s, stroke and depression. This post is a short review on the many ways in which music therapists helps patients recover and manage symptoms of a wide variety of disorders.

Sync Project Q&A with Tristan Jehan

Tristan Jehan is the Principal Scientist at Spotify. He is the co-founder of The Echo Nest, a platform that combines data on music and listeners, that was recently acquired by Spotify. Tristan has a doctorate in Media Arts and Sciences from MIT and is an Advisor to The Sync Project. We interviewed him about his current work, his scientific endeavors and future interests. We talked specifically about Spotify, The Echo Nest and The Sync Project, but also explored topics like “can you tell someone is a republican by looking their playlist, will we be listening to personalized music composed by machines in the future, and what happens when you sync your playlist with your running pace?”