Sync Project

Music as Precision Medicine: Marko Ahtisaari Keynote at IXDA16

Sync Project CEO Marko Ahtisaari gave a keynote speech about design, science and music, and also shed some light on "the big picture" here at Sync at the Interaction 16 Conference in Helsinki. He pointed out that while there is an intuition that music moves us and improves our health in addition strong directional evidence in science, no one has built a platform to measure the biometric effects of music listening at scale.

The Sync Project partners with HINTSA Performance

We’re excited to announce a research partnership with HINTSA Performance, one of the world’s leading coaching companies focused on performance improvement. 

Our first study will examine how the Sync Project’s personalized music platform can improve athletic performance in high intensity interval training. During the course of the study, elite athletes working with HINTSA Performance will be monitored conducting their interval training to music while using our platform and a custom-designed music-biometric mobile app.