Introducing Marko Ahtisaari and the Sync Project Blog 

Photo:  Joi Ito  ( CC by 2.0 )

My name is Marko Ahtisaari and I’m thrilled to be joining The Sync Project team as CEO. I feel the things I’ve done and enjoyed in my life so far, as an entrepreneur, designer, and musician come together in this ambitious venture. 

The Sync Project’s mission is to develop music as medicine. We are bringing together the scientists, technologists, clinicians and musicians of the world to accelerate the discovery of the clinical applications of music. We’re building a data platform that maps music characteristics to real time, objective measurements of physiology from a rapidly growing variety of sensors and devices. 

I first heard about the remarkable idea behind The Sync Project earlier this spring in Boston, over breakfast with Joi Ito. Joi said that this idea might be interesting as my next venture. He was right. Since then, like a great melody, the idea of The Sync Project has stayed with me. 

Like many people, I’ve “self medicated” with music all my life. Whether it’s music to work and focus in, music to exercise to, music to calm down before sleep, or recognising the effects of playing music, I’ve done it all. I’m inspired by the potential of the The Sync Project. To now do this with data and the best science. 

Thank you for the hundreds of encouraging messages we’ve received after we announced The Sync Project earlier this year. We’re starting this blog to share progress with the community. The team will be blogging on a variety of topics: about the platform, about ways to get involved as a researcher, study participant or developer, and about recent research in the field of music and health. We want this blog to be the go-to source for information on music as medicine. 

We’ll kick off with a survey post on music as medicine and how this idea inspired us to start The Sync Project.