Music as Part of Our Everyday Lives

Technological advancement is transforming our lives. In terms of music, digitization has diversified the ways individuals control and regulate their music listening. We can select exactly the music we want from streaming services offering a massive variety of choices, we can take music with us wherever we go, and listen to it as and when we wish. But what is our current scientific understanding of this massive increase in the availability of music, and its effects on our listening habits?

Music Concerts Can Be a Powerful Stress Remedy

Why are music concerts so appealing? Some researchers propose that the synchronization that emerges between the audience members is actually one of the reasons that music has come to existence in the first place. During human evolution, the beat in music may have helped humans bond through synchronization of movement and emotion. Therefore, it can be that music has enabled better cooperation between individuals, and through that ultimately the survival of the whole species.