Music Can Help You Enjoy Exercise

Despite awareness of its importance for overall wellbeing, some people honestly dislike exercise. Recently, scientists investigated whether music as well as music videos could be used to alter people’s emotional responses during exercise, perhaps making that dreaded treadmill workout feel slightly less terrible. The question is intriguing: could you actually trick your brain into liking exercise with the help of music?

Relaxing Workout Music Could Improve Recovery

Many people experience positive effects on focus and endurance from music listening during exercise, as well as on recovery after physical activity. This link between music and movement and the experienced benefits of music listening have also intrigued scientists for decades, resulting in a great deal of investigation to uncover exactly how and why music exerts its benefits.


Sleep To Get Stronger

Exercising intensely but not getting the results you are looking for? The reason may not lie in what goes on at the gym but in what happens outside of it. In addition to factors like diet, sleep is one of the most important but often overlooked components of building a strong, healthy body. Recent scientific findings are presenting an interesting picture of why muscle strength is important for health, and how sleep plays an important part in helping you grow stronger.