Sync Music Bot: We've Added New Features

To date, Sync Music Bot has made more than 40,000 sets of music for you to focus to. It intelligently delivers personalized music that’ll help get you in the zone, whatever your mood, right in Slack.

Request your favorite artists, and Sync Music Bot will create specially–tuned Spotify sets to go along with whatever you’re doing; coding, reading, writing, just kicking back, or even going for a run.

We've paid attention to your feedback to make improvements and even added some new features! 

Smarter Results

New performance improvements help Sync Music Bot to better recognize and differentiate artist names.

Artist Activity Scoring

Should I relax to Iron Maiden? Will working to Bruno Mars enhance my productivity?
Now Sync Music Bot lets you know what works and what doesn’t. 

And even if your artist scores low for an activity, you can still listen to who you want, when you want – with more songs and fewer repeats.

S4y H1 +0 B3++0R C0d3

For all you devs, here’s an easter egg you may have missed. Just type “code to [artist],” or “code to [genre],” and you’ll get a flow–worthy set to help put you in the zone.

Learn from Design Director Jeff Miller why we made Sync Music Bot to help you find music for work, directly in Slack and add it to your team today by visiting or the Slack App Directory.