Sync Project at "Sleep", Karajan Music Tech

Sync Project x OURA Ring Collaborate on Max Richter's "Sleep" performance at the Old Billingsgate Market

The team at Sync Project was very proud to have supported a recent live performance of the Max Richter's "Sleep": an 8 hour opus, that has been widely well-regarded as one of the most relaxing, and unique, classical performances of the past decade. Hosted by the Barbican Centre at the Old Billingsgate Market, the live performance on May 7 was sold out in 8 minutes when tickets went on sale earlier this year!

We teamed up with activity tracking wearable manufacturers OURA ring to get an idea of what physiological effects the music of "Max Richter: Sleep" had for the some of the lucky 450 ticket holders. We invited a small group to track their sleep before, during and after the performance using OURA's patented sleep tracking technology. Our work was also mentioned during Jarvis Cocker's "Sunday Service" Show on BBC Radio.

Read the FT review of the performance here, and watch this space for our findings from the event!

Music Cognition and Big Data at Karajan Music Tech Festival

Co-founder Yadid Ayzenberg joined other leaders and innovators in music technology space at the inaugural Karajan Music Tech Festival to discuss the potential of AI and Big Data in discovering new ways to support health using music. Discussions included the state of current music discovery and information technology, as well as using AI-based technologies to improve music education and assistive hearing technology.

Recent developments in technology allow precise analysis of music recordings of the last 100 years. The analysis of such a big body of data brings us one step closer to understanding one of the most elaborate human achievements: Music. Why do we make music, how did it evolve over time and how does musical taste work?

Did you miss the panel or were unable to attend? You can watch a full recording of the full Music Cognition and Big Data panel is now available online thanks to the people at the Karajan Institute.

We think conferences like this are a watershed moment for the future of music technology, and we were truly thrilled to share the stage with Vincent Favrat (Musimap), Florian Plenge (Skoove), Michael Breidenbrücker (Speedinvest) and Philipp Skribanowitz (Mimi Hearing Technologies).

Many thanks to Elizabeth Stangl ( for hosting the panel, and Matthias Roder and crew for the invitation to participate in the conference!