A Million Songs to Unlock the Health Effects of Music. Share One!

We’re grateful for the messages we receive every day from people around the world interested in the health effects of music. Many ask: How I can I contribute, how can I share my own experiences?

While Sync Project is moving forward with focused studies on the biometric effects of music, we want to offer a simple way that anyone can contribute their experience.

So today at the Tech Open Air conference in Berlin we’re launching a web app where you can share a song that really works for you, that makes you fall asleep, helps you relax,  enhances a walk or a run. Your thoughtful recommendation makes a difference!

Our goal is to gather a million songs. Please share one: 


It’ll take less than a minute. And remember to share your choice of song with your social networks to spread the word.

This is just one of many ways we’re gathering data across scales ranging from analysis of millions of public playlists that people have tagged with health related words - like sleep, relax, cardio - to more focused studies we’re doing with smartphones and biometric sensors across a range of health conditions.

Thanks for your continued support. Share a song that has worked for you!