We’re Moving: Greetings from the Sync Project team

Our software engineering and machine learning focused team has been growing. We’re now nine people and today we moved to our new office in Boston. Its a former gallery space in the Leather District right by South Station. The entire team still fits on one long table and the first soundtrack we played in the new space was by Jon Hopkins

If you knew that walking to a track of music could potentially help someone with Parkinson’s, wouldn’t you do it?

Recently we gave the opening talk at the IxDA conference to share our progress. We’ve been encouraged by the growing interest in the Sync Project from all of you around the world. We appreciate your eagerness to contribute to our mission to measure the health effects of music at scale, and to develop music as precision medicine.  

To this end, we’re hard at work to open up access to the Sync platform beyond our first research partners. Later this year any of you interested in the health effects of music will be able to join the community, to contribute data and to explore the effects of personalized music on your health. 

We’ve started naming our releases after albums, and this one’s called Music for the Masses