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Music Listening Is on the Rise

Photo Credit: Tim Pierce / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

A recently published commercial study on music listening in the US reports interesting changes in the music listening habits of Americans.

Take a look at the music listening landscape of the US in numbers:

  • 91% of all Americans listen to music
  • The listening time per individual is over 24 hours per week
  • 75% of Americans listen to music online, up by 12% from 2014
  • 44% listen to music on their smartphones, up by 7% from 2014
  • Music streaming has increased 90% from 2014 (During only the first half of 2015, 135 billion tracks have been streamed. In 2014, the number for the whole year was 164 billion)
  • As many as 61% of music listeners report that they discover most new music through good old fashioned radio
  • For teenagers, radio isn’t that important - the best source to find new music is family and friends

These numbers speak to the tremendous importance of music in everyday life, and of the ways in which listening habits change as technology advances. The increase in mobile listening means that music is increasingly with us as we are on the move, and present in contexts where it could not be before. This opens up exciting new areas and possibilities for research: the complexity of music listening contexts and preferences, their interaction, as well as its effects on human physiology, psychology and well-being.