Sync Project, Berklee & MIT Converge on Music and Health

This Fall, Sync Project was honored to collaborate with undergraduate students at MIT and Berklee College of Music (via BerkleeICE - Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship) in a landmark class that explored the research, current applications and areas for development at the intersection of music, health and technology. By providing students with access to mentors and lectures from top faculty and industry professionals, students got a rare glimpse into the therapeutic, clinical and technical applications of music in health. 

The aim of this class was to equip students in music therapy, music business and engineering with the latest findings and research that support the use of music to treat, rehabilitate or support distinct populations. With this foundation, students were asked to look to the future and develop a "minimally viable product" for health using music and technology.

We were blown away by some of the innovative and useful start-up ideas that students suggested, from unique musical instruments that develop fine motor and cognitive skills with no musical training required to platforms that augment environments using sound and vibration for people with visual impairments.

We want to thank Panos Panay and his team of innovators at Berklee ICE, Ken Zolot for integrating the course into his Founder's Journey series at MIT and serving as professor, Suzanne Hanser, Chair of the Music Therapy Department at Berklee, for her invaluable input and guidance in forming the class curriculum and all of our esteemed speakers (and many "drop-in" professional guests who should have been in the office!) for helping this class. We hope this class will be the beginning of many new applications and innovations in music and health.

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