The Sync Project partners with HINTSA Performance

We’re excited to announce a research partnership with HINTSA Performance, one of the world’s leading coaching companies focused on performance improvement. 

Our first study will examine how the Sync Project’s personalized music platform can improve athletic performance in high intensity interval training. During the course of the study, elite athletes working with HINTSA Performance will be monitored conducting their interval training to music while using our platform and a custom-designed music-biometric mobile app. 

We’ve known the HINTSA team for some time, and we’ve been impressed by their scientific methodology and evidence-based approach to performance and health. The Hintsa philosophy and coaching methodology intended to improve wellness and performance has been developed over the past 20 years by Dr Aki Hintsa and his team. The main laboratory for this development work has been Formula 1 racing. Four F1 world champions (with altogether 10 championships), along with several Olympic gold medalists and World Championship holders have all followed the Hintsa philosophy and methodology in practice. 

Up to 20 athletes will participate in the two-phase study. The initial phase will monitor participants’ performance measures and biometric data, including heart rate, while analyzing the characteristics of the athletes’ personally selected music. Based on initial findings, the second phase of the study will create personalized musical playlists based on the study participants’ individual musical preferences and biometric data and designed to optimize the athletes’ performance. Athletes in the second phase of the study will be monitored during training while both utilizing the personalized playlist and while utilizing a general ‘control’ playlist to assess benefits in performance resulting from the biometric and preference based personalization of music. 

Many athletes already integrate music into their training regimen, because they intuitively believe it helps them to stay focused and motivated. With this research we aim to establish the personalized music signatures that can enhance athletic performance. 

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Marko Ahtisaari will be speaking more about this research and the Sync Project at the New Context Conference: Hacking the Human Body in San Francisco today.  Join us there.