Yadid Ayzenberg joins The Sync Project as Chief Technology and Product Officer

The Sync Project is working with the world’s leading scientists to decode the health effects of music by providing them a platform to perform studies using biometric sensors and smartphones. The platform is designed for medical and health research, helping scientists, technologists and clinicians perform rigorous studies and accelerate the discovery of the clinical applications of music with scientific validation.

We’re very happy to announce that Yadid Ayzenberg is joining The Sync Project founding team as Chief Technology and Product Officer. Yadid will be leading the development of the Sync Project platform. 

Yadid is a researcher in the Affective Computing Group at the MIT Media Lab, working on the application of new technologies to solve healthcare problems. His PhD research has focused on developing a platform that allows scientists to monitor and analyze massive amounts of health sensor data. In addition to his pioneering work on health data analytics, Yadid has spent over a decade leading software engineering teams across hardware and enterprise software.

Since meeting Yadid this spring at the MIT Media Lab, over many walks in Cambridge about the huge opportunity in the health benefits of music, it is clear to us that he shares our passion to study these benefits at scale and to pioneer music as personalized medicine. 

Welcome Yadid! 

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